My Journey...

I was born and raised in Rajkot, a small city in Gujarat, Western India. As a child, I loved drawing and creating little art pieces. Later, in the middle school I gave up all my creative pursuits when I fell in love with computer science.

So I ended up as a Software Engineering major during my undergrad. I enjoyed understanding abstract concepts and solving complex problems but during this time, I knew something was missing. I missed the joy of creating, designing and coloring. I realized even though technology is powerful, the art of making it easy to adopt is what eventually makes it beneficial to us. The dots started to connect.

This led me to University of San Francisco for masters degree in Computer Science with minor in Entrepreneurship. I took classes ranging from machine learning to designing and got fully immersed in the creative and entrepreneurial environment. I also started working with the University's Web Development department as a UX Designer for the complete redesign of the internal and external facing website. It was quite challenging but the overall experience was transformative and empowering.

After graduation, while working as a Software Developer, I continued my passion and got certification in User Experience Design. I brushed up my user research, interaction design and visual design skills. I also started working with a startup and was closely involved in business development and product strategy. It was a tremendous learning experience, not only in hands-on skills of building products but also in management, collaboration and in general how companies work.

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