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                                   Explore clickable prototype


An app for vegetarians who love to try new restaurants and don't want to stand in line.

The challenge here is to design a new expanded app and develop a flow that guides a user through selecting the restaurant plan tailored to their needs & requirements.

So here we dive into to create surprising and delightful solution for the users!


Role: UX Designer, UI Designer - Group Project with 2 team members

Duration: 12 days

Toolkit: Whiteboard, Sketch, InVision, Paper prototype

Skills: Surveys, user interviews, affinity diagram, personas, scenarios, storyboards, sketching, paper prototyping, usability testing, interactive digital prototyping, and presenting


User Research:

To begin the Discovery Phase, I compiled a set of questions for user interview which would then help me understand the expectations the users have from the vegetarian restaurant finding app. Alongside user research, I conducted a competitive feature analysis and highlighted the common features among market competitors in the same space. For this project the main method of research conducted was user surveys and interviews. In this phase, the users will validate the idea of my feature listing and the will make sure that the app is in alignment with what the users actually need.


During the user interview, I also had the users pick at least 1 picture they thought represents them the best in terms of food they eat. And this is what we came up:


The moodboards were really helpful to understand that the users don't only like salad but every available cuisine out there.

Key Interview Findings:

After talking to a lot of people who are vegetarian and would like to see this app coming, we were able to summarize what we needed to work on.

  • The users were really happy to see that their needs were in spotlight when we talked about being vegetarian and designing an app.
  • Interview data showed a unease from users while using generic apps for all restaurants as they end up putting in a lot of filters and even after doing so, it becomes really hard for them to pick a good place to eat.

Affinity Diagram:

During this part, I conducted the heuristic evaluation of it, I created affinity diagram with all the ideas.


This was a very important stage in this project as now I had all the ideas at one place I was able to classify them and analyze to start working.


User Persona:

The next part was to start working on creating user personas.

Persona Template.png



At this point, I worked on analyzing the current data from the analytics. Using all the collected data, moodboard and upon finalizing the flow, I identified and I started putting together the wireframes.

The next step was to start on hi-fidelity prototype. Once the interaction was ready, I conducted usability testing as to how the users were reacting to design.

These are the things I learnt from usability test:

  1. The users were not a huge fan of the hamburger icon as most of them felt it was pretty vague to know what options are hidden in that
  2. The users also felt that having a background color hide some of the contrast of the food picture making it look dull.


Using the data from the usability testing, I came up with a refined fidelity prototype. 

Desktop HD.png

The check out the interaction, click here.