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As a frequent user of HHP website, it is important to design the application in such a way that it caters to a large number of users and it is easy for them to process and understand data for their use while showing minimal graphics so that it doesn’t hinder the usage in the places where there is slow or throttled internet connection. To work on this, we will design a simple and easily understandable website whose features are divided and shown to the user in a way that is not making it complicated for them to follow the flow with correct representation of data with minimal graphics.

Human Health Project (HHP), is a NGO and a charity organization that believe people have a right to accurate and unbiased information about all types of medicines. We are charting a new course for evidence-based grading of treatments, one that requires a completely new way of thinking and new way of analyzing treatment outcomes.


Role: UX Designer, Visual Designer - Team Project

Duration: 8 months

Toolkit: Whiteboard, Sketch, Balsamiq

Skills: Surveys, user interviews, personas, scenarios, storyboards, sketching, paper prototyping, usability testing, interactive digital prototyping


Competitor Analysis:

I spent a lot of time doing competitor analysis for the current research and trends in UI, user flows, design and possible pain points of top competitors to HHP.


After the user interviews, when participants were given a task to complete during a contextual inquiry, some persisted beyond their typical threshold of frustration because they viewed finding the items as a challenge. It made it important as the moderator to ask if they would “typically” keep searching.


After exploring the existing site, I hypothesized that there were three main areas opportunities for improvement:

  1. there were some key navigational elements missing such as a search bar

  2. the information architecture of the site wasn't clearly defined

  3. the overall visuals of the site were misaligned with the brand and the products being sold

Through contextual inquiries, I was able to validate all three of these assumptions and then worked to improve them through card sorting, paper prototyping, and additional user testing before creating a high fidelity, clickable prototype redesign. 


User Personas:

Feature List:

Untitled (3).jpg

Site Flow:

Group 2.png



Community - Main Content (Logged In, Desktop).png



As a part of next steps, we are building hi-fidelity prototype and interaction for the developers to start working on the development part.